QI (BBC One/Two/Four/Talkback; 2003-)

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By @astronomyblog & @LoveGraphs. Stats last updated 27 December 2017.

It seems there may have been at least 212 shows and 1062 listed appearances. With 5 people per show, iPlayer and Comedy.co.uk have 0% more appearances listed than required (and probably a similar percent of people) perhaps due to listing special guests. The host/captains/regulars have included Alan Davies (Regular × 212), Stephen Fry (Host × 187), Sandi Toksvig (Host × 25, Panellist × 17).


Total appearances:

82.1% (872)
17.9% (190)

Guest appearances i.e. ignoring the host/captains/regulars:

74.1% (473)
25.9% (165)


All people:

68.4% (104)
31.6% (48)

Guests i.e. ignoring the host/captains/regulars:

68.0% (102)
32.0% (48)


This Independent article from 2009 talks about the lack of women on QI.

I'd previously used IMDB as a source for QI but it over-estimated appearances by 25%. I first switched to comedy.co.uk and later to iPlayer as a source. IMDB seems to have been over-estimating the number of women more than it over-estimated the men!

In 2016 Sandi Toksvig took over from Stephen Fry as host of QI. Having a woman as a regular is one way to make a large difference to the overall stats.

Last updated: 2017/12/27