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No room

By Stuart Lowe on

It turns out it was a good job I had decided to wait to book my flight back. It seems the airline I was going to use has just gone bankrupt. Good job I randomly decided to check the BBC news this morning to find out what is happening over in Catalonia.

I was up before dawn (which is getting later) but took a long time to get ready so didn't start early.

I found a supermarket and bought some food. As I returned to my bike I saw a man contemplating it with awe. He asked if I was cycling Europe or the world. I showed him a map of my route on my phone. He shhok his head in disbelief then left.

I had lots of inlets to circumnavigate today. It reminded me of the fjords. If only there were ferries to short cut them.

Crossing the autoroute

Town square

Spanish coast

I stopped in a little square for lunch. As I made a ham sandwich a huge wasp decided to join me. It wouldn't leave despite my attempts to shoo it. Finally I resorted to spraying it with Smidge that I still had from Scotland. It didn't like Smidge and left me in peace.

Another beautiful inlet to circumnavigate.

Looking across to Vigo from Cangas

After 147 km I arrived in Cangas to find the hostel I'd been aiming for was shut even if the website said it was open. As far as I could tell, the nearby campsites aren't open on Tuesdays in October either. The Youth Hostel across the water in Vigo had no availability either. Apparently there is some seafood festival happening in Vigo today so the whole bay is packed with tourists.

The first hotel I tried had put their prices up because of all the visitors. They sent me to try another, cheaper, hotel. The second had a bike friendly sign but we're full. However the nice lady in the reception rang around a couple of people she knows. The end result was that I'm paying €20 to stay in a lady's apartment which she isn't in tonight for some reason I couldn't comprehend. On the plus side, I finally have access to a kitchen. Dinner consisted of rice, olives, tuna, and biscuits.

I've had enough of 50km trips around inlets. There should be ferries over the next two.

Tomorrow I should arrive in Portugal.