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Getting lost

By Stuart Lowe on

Last night I accidentally stumbled across the Clifton suspension bridge.

Clifton Suspension bridge

Huge thanks to Sheena and Alistair for hosting me last night.

The hardest thing about long bike trips isn't so much leg muscles as having the mental energy to keep going.

The friendly people I meet along the way make more of a difference than they might realise.

Was waved at and cheered on by Jackie who has cycled Lands End to John O Groats!

At Clevedon I met Gordon who is here on a bowls tournament. We had a lovely chat.

Got stuck in an area where people have put up signs saying private road no access. Open Street Maps and Google maps both think it goes.

The locals say this isn't #NCN33 and has no public access

This afternoon didn't go well. Routing. Unidentified squeaks from my bike. Replacing a worn chain. Tweaking brakes.

Didn't get far today. Friendly warden at the campsite I found. Offered a cup of tea by the folks in the caravan next to me.

I may give up trying to use cycle infrastructure/routes. They are too stressy, time consuming, bumpy, and muddy. (I don't have time to be deprioritised so much)