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Another break

By Stuart Lowe on

Woke in the middle of the night. Not heard it so quiet for ages. There is no wind or rain whatsoever.

There's the rain come back.

Just met a nice gentleman named Brook from Rhode Island. Friendly guy.

I'll have to hope the bike shop 35 km away is a good one.

Oh well. Things break.

Thankfully the bike repair guy was in a mobile van in Killorglin as my improvised solution of drift wood and string had started to fail.

He only had one pannier rack so I've had to buy that even though it may not be strong enough and it isn't long enough. It's better than none

It is frustrating having to get sub-optimal repairs but I can't do much about that. I had to lose a gear for the rack to fit.

A shorter rack means I have to change my foot position to avoid catching the panniers as I pedal. Just more awkward.

Oh well. Ever onwards.

A late lunch due to bike fixing and for want of a suitable place to stop.

Leaving Dingle

Across to south west Derry

Inch Strand

Kieran who sorted me out with a new pannier in Killorglin


Kerry international dark sky reserve. Although it is cloudy so I won't see the benefit.

Helen an Paul over from England. Paul was excited that I had the same waterproof trousers.

View from Mountain Stage