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Northernmost point of Scotland

By Stuart Lowe on

I said goodbye to my ferry companions of the day before and headed west. It wasn't long before I joined the North and West Highlands tourist route part of the Highland 500.

Tony, from Lancaster, who cycled up to and around Orkney. He is heading home via Hadrian's Wall

On the North and West Highlands tourist route and National Cycle Network Route 1

I was heading to Dunnet Head - the most northerly point of mainland Britain. On the way I met Jim, a local man, who stopped and chatted with me about my route through Scotland. He knew lots about history. He advised that I miss out the west coast and go to the Western Isles. Sounds a nice idea but not sure I still have money for even more ferries. After a good long chat Jim headed off to go look after his grandkids.


Looking north east

At Dunnet Head I found the best spot for taking pictures (thanks for the advice Jim!) and had a chat with Ellie who had been driving the coastal route by herself.

Dunnet Head

Ellie who has been driving round every coastal road in Scotland

I carried on to Thurso where I stopped for food and a visit to the local bike shop. They didn't have a wheel of the right size or quality so told me to call in on a guy near Bettyhill. They gave me a jar of curry sauce to see me on my way.

Past Dounreay nuclear power plant I rode and stopped for fish and chips at a mobile van in New Reay. It was the one night of the week the village had a fish and chip shop. Strangely, nearly everyone had an English accent. I decided this must be due to the nuclear power plant or the military. I was told that I should be able to camp with a view of the beach at Strathy so I made for there. It seemed a few other people had the same idea and so there were another four tents pitched nearby.

Camping at Strathy beach.