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Fjord Unecono-line

By Stuart Lowe on

I didn't want to leave my lovely spot but I had to. I have to reach Bergen for the pre-booked flight.

A little way along the coast I was beckoned over by a retired farmer. He had previously taught mechanics. He told me that his family had emigrated from Scotland in the 18th century. He said that the hill behind him was something to do with NATO. Or Netto. I'm not sure.

Retired farmer

I went for a dip in the sea again. It was sunny so I could dry off afterwards.

Ready for a dip

I reached Bud in time for lunch and had my customery two fried eggs on a picnic bench. It was just down from a house where a man was diligently cleaning his Porche (his Tesla was sat next to it). He didn't seem put out by my bedraggled presence.


The next bit of coastline took me deep into a fjord and back so took about 20km to go 2km. It feels very inefficient and like you aren't making progress.

I went past a very triangular mountain.

Mountainy mountain

I reached the ferry just before Mølde and had to wait. In the queue were a couple of young men in Hawaiian shirts, adorned with garlands, and clearly a bot drunk. It is expensive to get drunk in Norway. One of them mooned the window of a band's tour bus that was also in the queue.

The ferry was quick and took my over to an island that I will leave tomorrow. It seemed to consist of steep mountains with a thin strip of land between them and the sea. So, like much of Norway.

Just before Midsund I found a campsite. The owner was so impressed by where I was going from and to that he gave me a free night. He also gave me a ferry timetable with prices! Amazing. How I've longed for advance knowledge of the prices. The campsite was quite busy with young people as it turned out Midsund was hosting a music festival tonight. He said it was Norwegian folk music. Is that what Norwegian young people are into? Anyway, their noise didn't bother me. I had a shower (10 krones) and WiFi. With the gift, I was within today's budget.

Near Midsund