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Don't look back Orkanger

By Stuart Lowe on

The rain had stopped by 8.30 or so. I packed everything up then had breakfast just in case it decided to start again. I had a nice short ride of a few kilometres to the ferry through the flat farmland. I turned up just as the ferry was unloading again. This one over to Valset was 38 krones.

Valset was really just the ferry terminal with nothing else. I then had a surprise hill to climb before heading down to fjord-level to Lensvik. I stopped there to make lunch between light showers. Then 49 kilometres along (with a hill in the middle) to Orkanger at the fjord end. Just before Orkanger, my road was signed right but I went there extra couple of kilometres to the town to see the tourist info people. They turned out to be a hotel reception but they did let me use the WiFi and told me about the next hill on the E39. I then sat in a shopping centre having a 20 krones (bargain!) hot chocolate waiting out the rain before tackling the hill.

Bit of a rainy day today

The rain had stopped. I rode on. The hill started. My old, familiar friend, the 8% gradient sign, came into view. 1.6 kilometres of up. The rain was back too. The climb took me up to a big lake at around 180m altitude. I knew that the summit was at 380m but then I saw a sign for camping. After lots of long days, I decided this was it for today. I pitched my tent in a gap in the rain. The camping fee was a remarkable 50 krones meaning I had only overspent by 10 krones today.

As i was ready to call it a night a Belgian cyclist named Hugo arrived. He also had a Garmin eTrex 20 so checked my memory card for me. It couldn't see the Norway map either. We swapped stories. He warned me that Kristiansund cost 85 krones to leave through the tunnel.

Will the rain stop for a whole 24 hours? Will I get flooded in the night? What are the signs of trenchfoot?

Getting there. 10 days to Bergen