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Lofoten in the rain

By Stuart Lowe on

I didn't sleep well on the lumpy ground. I woke to rain at 6.30 and went back to sleep. At 9.30 it was still spitting but I packed up my tent anyway. At least the rain kept the flies at bay. I only had a banana for breakfast as I was lacking water (yes, I know it was falling from the sky) and didn't fancy cooking in the wet.

light rain near Melbu

pink bales

I headed to the ferry at Melbu. I didn't even know if it'd be running on a Sunday. I happened to get there perfectly as they'd started boarding. It was only 25 minutes across to Fiskebøl but it was raining so I stayed inside.

I was tired today. I nearly fell asleep on my bicycle. I got my feet wet filling my water bottles in a mountain stream. I decided to stop for lunch. Finding a sheltered spot is hard though. Eventually I found a small bus shelter and used that. I'm not sure what I'd have done if a bus stopped.

A nice place to stop on a different day

I pressed on towards Svolvær. That would make 83 km (including the ferry ride). But first it was over a hill. A hill of only 45m but my gears are getting really stiff and changing down is getting hard. Over that I reached Austnesfjorden where there was a view point. The light rain had eased off and I dodged around the Italian tourists to get a picture whilst also taking one for them.


On to Svolvær I headed. Getting there around 5pm. All the big supermarkets were closed as it was Sunday. Eventually I found a Kiwi Mini Prix that was open. It was just the basics and was full of foreign tourists like me desperate for any shop.

I was going to do another 30 km to get the miles in, so to speak, but I saw a sign for a youth hostel. Dilemma. It was more than my budget but I have been in a tent for 16 nights. Oh for a proper bed. I found I could pay with my UK card and that they had "free tea and cake" so I was sold. I ate a lot of their cake.

I met a retired Dutch couple who had cycled from Bergen. They were able to tell me that it was 1522 km from Bergen to Bodø. I have 18 days for that (130 km tomorrow). That's 80km/day average. I can reach my flight.