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Resting in Tromsø

By Stuart Lowe on

Today was a rest day. As seems to have become the norm in big cities, I did my laundry. Actually, as it cost £10 to use the washing machine and dryer, I hand washed things and tried to use the sun to dry them. I ate.

In the early evening I headed back over the bridge to to Tromsø Bike Kitchen. It is a workshop a bit like the Pedaller's Arms in Leeds so they provide tools and space and you get on with it. There I met Carl (Norwegian), Alice (Italian) and Bo (Norwegian with a Scottish accent). They were very welcoming and told me they'd only been open a short time. I adjusted my gears and brakes.

Bo, Alice, and Carl

Back at the campsite I met Christophe the French cyclist again. He had reached Nordkapp and had taken the Hurtigruten back to Tromsø. He donated his camping gas to me as he couldn't take it on the flight. How nice to meet someone again.

I made myself a big plate of pasta with tuna and tomato sauce along with some spinach (today's luxury buy) with garlic. The tomato was kindly donated by Paolo and Simon who I'd chatted to in English/Italian at the tent area. Grazie Paolo! After dinner Paolo offered me a proper Italian coffee. I joined him, Simon, Stephenie and Arnold (the latter two were from The Netherlands). We chatted into the midnight sun about Europe, the environment, travel and art (Stephenie is an accomplished artist).

Paolo, Simon, Stephenie, and Arnold

I saw the midnight sun for the first time (it has been cloudy) and we wished each other "bonna notte".