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To the ferry

By Stuart Lowe on

This morning it wasn't raining. Hooray. I admired the view

View from the camping spot


I made my way along the E6. It was flatter than it has been. I just had one big hill to contend with today. It was 260m or so. But first I went through Storslett which describes itself as a "National Park village". There I visited the Coop. My luxury item today was a 20 krone bottle of ketchup.

My knees are feeling it now. I had the long slog up 260m. Thankfully my lowest gears are once again accessible after Jørn's service in Alta. At the top was a picnic spot that actually had a drinking water tap. I filled my bottles. Then I made fried egg sandwiches with the ketchup.

Part way down the hill were some road works with the worst bit of temporary road I've experienced. Lots of loose, deep, gravel make steering hard which isn't fun when you have impatient traffic behind you.

At the bottom I was on thankfully flat roads. Near Rotsund I met Kristina and Jörg, two Germans, who were from Buffalo, New York. It turns out they know the bike shop where I went on the ice-cream ride. We had a nice chat. They've cycled in lots of places and were currently heading up to Nordkapp.

Kristina and Jörg

Fjord escort?

I was now heading to the ferry. Kristina and Jörg had told me it was free for bikes. On the way I had a detour to Slotett and got a great view from a bird hide.

looking north and out to sea

The going was good along the relative flat despite my knees. I reached the ferry and was reassured by a Norwegian, cycling with his son and son's friend, that it really was free.

Ferry across the fjord

The ferry took me to Lyngeidet. I cycled about 10km and eventually found a spot to camp between the road and fjord. I had a pleasant cup of tea sat on a make-shift bench.

Bixit and tea