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Riding with Sander

By Stuart Lowe on

I had a late start. My feet were still sore from the walking yesterday. The blisters on my soles were still healing so walking was tough. My sister had got me a copy of my Norway map from my computer but it seems my GPS has bigger issues and still couldn't read it. Hmm.

I visited the Coop on the way out of Alta. I splashed out on some carrots and dried plums. I was now about £21 over budget. No campsites for me for a few days at least.

The ride from Alta included some nice bike lanes and good views of the fjord.

Alta fjord

Arriving at the first tunnel I realised bikes weren't allowed. I had quite a long detour around the mountain. The second tunnel I could go through. The third I decided to cycle around on a little road that hugged the coast and was rewarded with some lovely views and got to be in the sunshine.

Idyllic house on the fjord

I stopped at Tarvik for a late lunch. As I went to sit at a picnic bench, another cyclist turned up. He was called Sander and was from the Netherlands. He'd started at Nordkapp. We chatted and then road the rest of the afternoon together as far as Alteidet where he'd booked a cabin. I carried on a km or so and pitched my tent on the side of the fjord with a great view.

Great view as we rounded a corner

The author cycling courtesy of Sander

Camp spot