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A day in Niš

By Stuart Lowe on

The people of Niš (Ниш) are certainly happy that their team won the U20 world cup. Lots of beeping cars sporting Serbian flags this morning.

Watching Murray vs Troicki with a Serb in Niš. I actually cycled right by The Queen's Club on the way here about 6 weeks ago.

My ability to read Cyrillic characters is slowly improving. Thanks to place names, I now know that н=n, и=i, ш=š, в=v, д=d, г=g, з=z, л=l.

Niš concentration camp

At the youth hostel

The hostel owner

Having traditional Serbian food and drink in Niš. It is cheaper to buy 500ml of beer than 330ml!

Dinner consisted of pork ribs with a sort of salty clotted cream, bread, and a tomato & pepper salad.

Dinner of pork ribs with clotted cream