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To Dieppe

By Stuart Lowe on

I felt a little better with medication but went and bought a knee brace from Boots to see if that would help. I decided to make my way along to New Haven to see how my knee felt. The coastline still had some fog around but I got some nice views of the white cliffs following National Cycle Network route 2. I met a Frenchman on a bike cycling from Dover along the south coast. He remarked that I didn't have much luggage - the opposite of the Dutchman in Liverpool.

Coastal flowers

I sped down into New Haven and ended up in the town centre when I lost the route signs. Still feeling sorry for myself I went into La Baguette cafe to get a sandwich and tea. A short while later a man came in and started talking to the proprietor about his recent purchase of a Penny Farthing. That caught my attention. His name was Mike and, along with the owner Graham, we chatted about his bike, their local cycling and my trip. I'd really been considering stopping and getting the train home but they gave me the impetus to get to Paris.


Graham of La Baguette cafe, New Haven

Graham recommended a book - Between the Woods and the Water - and I sat in the library opposite reading it until closing time. Then I trundled towards the ferry terminal where I bumped into Janet - a 70 year old cycle tourer going to the Pyrenees then Austria and the Netherlands! We were both getting the 23:00 ferry so we kept each other company with stories from our trips, advice from Janet about the route, and general chit chat. By the time of the ferry another 5 cyclists had turned up (3 in a group and 2 individuals). The advantage of the overnight ferry is no need to pay for accommodation but the disadvantage is trying to sleep in a chair for 5 hours.

At 5am local time we arrived bleary-eyed. Janet, myself and another cyclist named Ian decided to ride into Dieppe together and wait for dawn. We talked over coffee and, once we felt it was light enough, said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. Ian was meeting a friend and Janet was heading along the Avenue Verte.

Janet and Ian