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To Cheyenne

By Stuart Lowe on

I packed up and did the tough climb back up out of Curt Gowdy State Park. At the Visitor Center I was lucky enough to catch ranger Kathleen arriving so I could say thanks and goodbye.

Plenty of people with bikes were arriving for some kind of event but I was heading to Cheyenne. It was mostly downhill so I got some good speeds including the highest speed of my trip so far. Despite the easy riding, I had an element of sadness as I was leaving the mountains. The words of Perry in Utah came back to me. He told me I'd miss the mountains. I knew he was right.

Before arriving in Cheyenne I was passed by Tom and Sue in their RV heading back from the lake.

In Cheyenne I got a sandwich then, finding I was no longer on "roaming", I spent ages on the phone to my dad and nieces back home using my unlimited international minutes (that don't work on roaming).


I found an RV park to the south which meant going over a busy road bridge over the railroad tracks. I noticed that the shoulders in Cheyenne contain lots of debris so aren't so nice to ride in. I didn't want puncture number two. At the RV park I got the "BBQ" pulled pork although it was done inside a kitchen so didn't feel like a proper BBQ. I sat in the laundry for a while trying to charge my phone.

I chatted in broken French to a couple from Quebec.