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Head wind and webcams

By Stuart Lowe on

This morning I visited the Medicine Bow museum which was being looked after by a man who was very hard of hearing.

I tried to wash my bike at the gas station but only removed some of the mud/clay. The going today would have been fine apart from the same fierce head wind from the day before. I could hardly keep up 8 mph despite putting in a lot of effort. Just before Rock River (not to be confused with Rock Springs or Green River where I'd been a few days before) I spotted some solar panels and a camera on a pole. A quick check online showed me that this was indeed a webcam. I quickly texted and tweeted people back home and told them I'd only wait for 20 minutes as it was too hot to hang around. I'm glad to say that my soon to be nephew-in-law, Dan FM and Chris Lintott managed to grab screenshots of me to prove I'd been there.

My view of the Rock River webcam


In Rock River I stopped to get a drink and sweets in the General Store. It turned out that the clerk's son had cycled coast-to-coast in 3 parts. The remaining 37 miles were a slog in the strong wind and blazing heat. I was glad to be approaching Laramie when I spotted a tourer going the other way. We chatted across the road and it turned out he'd set off from the west coast. He had been scared off by the tornadoes in the mid west last week and so was returning back to the west coast!

The second long-distance cyclist I'd seen

Laramie has a population of around 30,000 and was a sight for tired eyes. I checked my tent into the KOA.

Total distance cycled so far: 1489 miles.