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A weekend in Rawlins

By Stuart Lowe on

As it is Memorial weekend I decided to stay in Rawlins, and relative civilization, until Tuesday. Rose gave me some cloths to clean my bike with. These ended up so filthy that she let me keep them. She had also found a bike shop in the phone book so I visited it. They were closed. Their sign said they'd be back "at 10". Tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

At the grocery store I found Italian bread, proscuitto, (American) parmesan and lettuce. Everywhere else seemed closed as it was Sunday.

At the campground I perused the bookshelf in the laundry and read "Are we there yet?" by David Levithan. It was a better read than the biography of Nancy Reagan, a book by Glen Beck and a huge array of paperback westerns. I can't say if it was better than "The World Out of Control: book four" as I couldn't take its crazy title font seriously.

On the Monday I cycled to the bike shop but it was still closed so I visited the Wyoming State Penitentiary. There I paid for the guided tour and went around with a group of 8 people. Our tour guide spoke her well repeated tour quickly and seemed weirdly proud of some of the more macabre facts. She reminded me of the character of Amy Farrah-Fowler in the Big Bang Theory. At one point we saw the gallows and the gas chamber which she encouraged us to sit in. Three of our party did and took selfies. I found it all a bit unsettling because had been killed in that chair within my lifetime.

Deer in Rawlins


Water tower at the State Penitentiary

The final view before hanging

At night, as always, I could hear the sounds of the I-80 and the railroad.