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A puncture at the Continental Divide

By Stuart Lowe on

After an aborted attempt to use the Post Office (it was closed), I got back on the freeway and headed towards Rawlins. About 10 miles from Rawlins I came off at an exit as has become my habit for safety. At the stop sign I saw something on my tyre (tire if you are American). On closer inspection I saw it was a piece of metal. As I removed it I heard a hiss and realised it was the first puncture of my trip. Thankfully I was already off the freeway and had a spare inner tube from California so I just swapped it out. My Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres had been amazing but even they couldn't cope with a couple of inches long bit of snow chain. Whilst I was fixing it I noticed I'd broken another spoke on the rear wheel.

I carried on being more wary of the detritous in the hard shoulder and crossed the Continental Divide again. Again? Was I going the wrong direction? It turns out that the Continental Divide splits into two around this part of Wyoming. Between the two Continental Divides is the Great Divide Basin where the water doesn't drain to either the Pacific or the Atlantic. It just sits here.

The Great Basin

One mile from Rawlins I stopped at the services and and got a meal at Denny's. At Rawlins I found RV World which, according to their website gave 10% discount to cyclists. Sounded good to me.

At the reception I met Rose and her husband. They had just taken over the park three weeks before and she was from Pennsylvania via North Carolina. He was into falconry and, as that had introduced him to lots of British people, he demonstrated his knowledge of British swear words to me. They were really friendly and welcoming. I booked for two nights camping.