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Short day to Carter

By Stuart Lowe on

I'd lost faith in "tracks" in Wyoming so I decided to have anohter night at the KOA and just cycle to Carter and back. It was about 10 miles away over some hills and it was odd to be on an unloaded bike after all this time.

At Carter dogs started barking at me and I was glad to see they were behind a fence. I turned around and completed a loop back around to Lyman. In the town I saw a sandwich shop and Valley Vision. I'd recently lost a small screw from one arm of my glasses so this was perfect. I entertained the staff of Valley Vision with my trip and they fixed my glasses for me. After a pitta sandwich and peanut butter shake I went to the gas station to pick up some supplies. The lady at the counter said she thought I had a cute accent! That is the first time anyone has ever said that to me.

Back at the KOA I did laundry and rested.