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A short day in Brigham City

By Stuart Lowe on

After the last few days both my knees and my bike needed a rest. After a late breakfast at J&Ds, I cycled south to find a bike shop the National Park rangers had told me about yesterday. It was BC Outdoors and was run by Todd.

My de-railleur cable was going and my brakes were squeaking so I asked Todd if he could have a look at it. As he looked it over he also found that the pedals were shaking (that had started two days before) and two spokes had gone on my rear wheel. Many more broken spokes and the wheel would collapse. During the repairs and conversation, Todd got a delivery of bikes so I helped him unload. He fixed my bike and threw in some replacement pedals for nothing. Feeling guilty I insisted that I buy something so got a spare gas canister for my primus stove. Thanks Todd. The repairs served me well.

After a couple of hours with Todd I cycled on to Weber State Park where there was a campsite. Again I was the only person actually camping in a tent as everyone else had a massive RV. People in RVs rarely seem to talk to people in tents. Perhaps it is a social status thing.

Weber (pronounced "wee-ber" not "webber") State Park is sandwiched between a man-made fresh water section of the Great Salt Lake and the I-84. It was very pretty but there was the constant sound of traffic from the interstate.

Sunset from Weber State Park