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Pyramid-Tahoe bike trail

By Stuart Lowe on

Chris was going to show me the way to Reno that avoided the freeway but he needed to get to work at a reasonable time so that meant an early start. We set off at 7am on a route which met up with old parts of Lincoln Highway. We crossed a few tressel railway bridges and the going was tough in the loose rock with my heavy back-end. At one point I fell over and later discovered I'd lost my rear light. In this fall my Garmin GPS turned itself off and I lost the track through the Truckee Canyon.

This morning's route was probably the closest to Stevens' route I've been. There were even moments trundling along the timbers of the railroad track to cross the Truckee River.


We hit the Pyramid-Tahoe trail and I had to get off and push my bike a few more times. As we crossed into Nevada we hit paved roads. A few miles later, at about 10.30am we stopped by the river in Reno at the Hub coffee shop. I was impressed by the iPad till that displayed a periodic table of drinks on it.

Periodic table of coffee