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Fisk's Cyclery

By Stuart Lowe on

Whilst heading out of Dixon I passed a bike shop. It was only the second one I'd seen since leaving Oakland; the first was in Fairfield and although I'd gone in to buy an inner tube the owner wasn't in much of a chatty mood. Fisk's Cyclery of Dixon was different. It is run by Jim Fisk who is a warm and friendly man who seems genuinely happy to talk to those who enter his store.

One of Jim's other customers asked me where I'd come from and seemed hugely impressed:

"You've come all the way from San Francisco! Gee!"

Wise Jim said I'd probably be heading much further by the look of me and the customer was almost bowled over in disbelief when I said Boston.

"Boston!? Boston, Massachusetts?!"

I asked Jim if I could buy a kickstand and the aforementioned customer chipped in $3 towards it as he left the shop.

As Jim fitted the kickstand we had a little chat about my trip, his business and other long distance cyclists who'd stopped at his store. It turns out Jim is on the board that plans the Solano County bike routes. I praised him for the off-road sections and the number and quality of the bike lanes. He told me that my next stop - Davis - was the most bike friendly city in the USA and gave me directions for getting there. He threw in some diluting energy gel packs to see me on my way. It was wonderful to meet generous people like Jim and his customer and they buoyed my spirits for the rest of the day.

Fisk's Cyclery