On the 130th anniversary, I recreated part of the journey of the first person to cycle around the world on a bicycle. Taking it one day at a time. View the archive.

To Fairfield

By Stuart Lowe on

After leaving Oakland Jack London ferry terminal I headed to a hardware store that Maryann told me about so I could buy a replacement bungee cord for my top bag; I'd lost mine in the youth hostel somewhere and hadn't been able to find it that morning. I was able to buy three cords so I have two spares in case I lose them again.

I then headed to San Pablo Ave to start my journey. My Garmin routing tried to take me onto the freeway at one point so I headed back to San Pablo Ave and stuck to that all the way to San Pablo which I reached just a few minutes later than Thomas Stevens did. He didn't have to deal with all the traffic lights! I then headed across the freeway onto a bike friendly route that took me around to the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge named after an immigrant from Italy who worked on lots of the bridges in the area. The bridge has a shared path and bike lane across it that is pretty pleasant.

Arriving in San Pablo a few minutes and 130 years after Stevens

View over the north Bay

A few miles further on a lady in the passenger seat of a car shouted something indistinguishable at me as I was going to turn left. At first I thought she was annoyed at me but it turned out she was worried about my safety. I carried on a few more miles with some steep ups and some downs ruined by stop signs and traffic lights meaning I couldn't make full use of them. Most of the stop signs on quiet hills in this part of California seem designed to frustrate cyclists.

I reached the Solano County bike route which is a dedicated cycle path that runs alongside the I-80. It was great to have my own path away from traffic and at the top of a hill I caught my final glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge far off in the distance. The bike route joined a country road and a while later I hit the flat farming country of Solano County and finally my destination for the day - Suisun City/Fairfield. I stocked up on food with a large burrito and fruit smoothy at a Mexican restaurant on the main street then went to find somewhere to stay for the night.

Looking back towards San Francisco from the Solano County bike route

Road side flowers

I stayed at a motel run by an Indian man named Mike who seemed (understandably) annoyed at British people turning up all over the world although was pleasant enough with me. With a long first day of cycling I got a shower and hit the hay pretty early as I couldn't keep my eyes open.