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The Pacific and Half Moon Bay

By Stuart Lowe on

From my time as an astronomer I've got to know people who are spread all over the world. One fried, Phil Marshall, now lives near San Francisco in a place called Half Moon Bay. He invited me to stay with him for a couple of days and organised for a few other astronomers/ex-astronomers I knew to meet up with us. So Dan FM, Amit, Eli, Phil and I enjoyed the afternoon sunshine, walked to the beach, had a pint and food in the local pub. Eli suggested I needed an app to report if I was eaten by a bear or cougar! It was great to spend some time with friends even if I was called a "hipster cyclist" for recreating a 19th Century trip.

Before I left Half Moon Bay, Phil and I had a quick trip to the ocean so that I could dip my wheel in the Pacific as is traditional on coast-to-coast trips. This wasn't really my starting point but I knew I'd have a hard time doing it back in the city.

Huge thanks to Eli, Amit, Dan FM and particularly Phil for being my welcome party to the US. They helped settle the nerves in advance of what is to come.

Dipping my wheel in the Pacific ocean.