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Orkadian cycles

By Stuart Lowe on

With a hotel breakfast in me, and sun in the sky, I decided to delay my full rest day and cycle around Orkney. Compared to Norway it was pretty flat although there was some wind from the north east.

I cycled anticlockwise around the island, visiting a few neolithic sites. At Cuween Hill there was a 3000 year old burial chamber you could crawl into. There were some torches in a box outside but their batteries were low. I was glad to have my bike light with me.

I had to battle the wind to get to the north east of the mainland but then things got easier with the wind partly behind me.

I stopped at Birsay for a late lunch and then was too late to get into Skara Brae. A detour to Stromness to find a fish and chip shop turned up nothing. On the way back to Kirkwall I visited the stones of Stenness. You can hardly move in Orkney without tripping over a 3000, 4000, or 5000 year old structure. Fascinatingly, gaelic had never made it to Orkney. There had been the Picts and Norwegians so Orkadians see themselves as separate to Scotland.

I cycled into Kirkwall by 8pm and went back to the fish and chip shop from last night.