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A wing and a wheel

By Stuart Lowe on

I took the flight to Kirkwall. As it was operated by Logan Air, I got a complementary Tunnocks caramel wafer. As we approached Kirkwall, the clouds cleared and we got some great views of the islands. On the ground we had to wait for the border check and then I tried to put my bike back together. The right hand pedal wouldn't go back on. Presumably the problem with it back in Alta meant the thread was messed up. With one pedal I hobbled to Kirkwall in the sunshine.

I found the local bike shop; Cycle Orkney. There, Eric sorted my gears and I got new brake pads as Norway had worn through three sets. Unfortunately he didn't have a front wheel of the right size (I've has a crack in it for a long time now) so suggested a bike shop in Caithness. It would do for now.

My sister had booked me a hotel for two nights so, with a serviced bike, I had the luxury of a bed and shower. Having craved affordable fish and chips for the past thousand kilometres, I went to the local fish and chip shop. I also visited the Coop where I had to be careful not to buy everything.

The weather forecast for tomorrow was OK but getting worse on Monday. I should probably make the most of it.