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Beautiful day

By Stuart Lowe on

I awoke to rain. I wasn't for stopping. I packed up as much as I could inside my tent to spend as little as I could outside. By the time I finished it had lessened but I was in cloud. Not to worry because I knew my route was about 16km down to the ferry at Nesna.

The wet and hairpin bends of the past few days were wearing down my rear brakes. They'll need changing soon. But not now in the rain and cold. As I dropped west of the rainy mountain, the weather brightened. Via a food stop at the Coop (fishcakes!) I rolled into the ferry terminal to see Claudia already waiting. She'd camped where I'd seen her yesterday but she got an earlier start during a 15 minute gap in the rain. I made myself breakfast of fried egg sandwiches with ketchup, along with some hot chocolate. I had only just made the hot chocolate when the ferry arrived so casually walked my bike on-board holding it. As you do.

The ferry ride to Levang was quite quick and the I rode with Claudia the 32 kilometres to Sandnessjøen. The weather was improving steadily and I got my solar panels out and strapped them over my Ikea bag. Despite a bit of traffic, it was enjoyable to be able to chat with someone.

We crossed over the Helgelandbrau into Sandnessjøen. There we found the tourist information office both for information and the free WiFi. The office was part of a big, new, building that also housed a nice library, a cultural venue, and possibly a cafe. I didn't explore the cafe as I know I can't afford the prices in them. After posting photos I headed over to the Rema 1000 to get some food. Given the lack of supermarkets on the previous days, I bought more than I'd planned. So had Claudia. We ate some of it, sat in the sunshine, so that it would fit in our bags.

We left along a smaller Road than the 17 but eventually had to climb a rather steep Road over a ridge. The view at the top was worth it though; we got to see the "seven sisters" which are a string of peaks in a row. The seventh, I assume, was the little bump on the end. A few kilometres further on I said goodbye to Claudia as she was camping here to walk the seven sisters tomorrow. I needed to get the ferry to Forvik today to keep on schedule for my flight. The next 24 kilometres were surprisingly flat compared to what I've experienced until now. With the sunshine and blue skies it was easy going. I was on time for the ferry again at Tjøtravel and had a very pleasant hour-long ride to Forvik via the islands of Mindlandet and Tropical and a place on the mainland that was otherwise inaccessible.

At Forvik I saw a sign for camping. After a little confusion over prices - I thought they wanted 100 krones for me to have a shower but it was just a deposit for the key to the shower - I pitched my tent. In the dry! Although my feet started the day wet, they were now dry too. What a beautiful day this had been.